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About Chimera

Established in 2019, We began our journey as Chimera®️ Textile Solutions Pvt Ltd, with our main focus on the development of textile auxiliaries and analytical reagents, In 2020, we changed our name to Chimera Biotech and expanded it to include the production of diagnostic systems along with a wide range of scientific, medical diagnostic solutions and analytical reagents used in the medical field. 


Our focus has been on public welfare and environmental protection with good returns. All of our developments and chemical processes promote minimum water usage to achieve the required effect and generate waste that can be treated along with causing the least harm to the environment. 

Our core strength is a well-focused team that is involved in various research activities to develop new products and bring innovation to the existing processes.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve diagnostics in India for the better and deliver faster and more reliable results. We are CDSCO and ICMR approved and bring you brilliant products at competitive prices. Our in-house R&D and manufacturing teams are an amalgamation of talent and teamwork which work together seamlessly.  You can put your trust in us - our products go through quality control tests at every stage of the production process. We settle for nothing less than perfection and our services reflect that.

Our Values


Credibility means everything to us. We maintain transparency and open
channels of communication with our clients and among our team.
Following laws and regulations is not a compulsion to us but an


We foster an environment that helps young, resourceful minds in
shaping the future of science and technology. Our experienced team
turns data into knowledge and knowledge into insights. We aim to never stop adapting and improving. Let’s transform healthcare one step at a time!


We encourage individual initiative and harmonious teamwork in equal
parts, achieving the balance which makes us a great team. We generate
both bold ideas and collective growth. We guarantee our employees reliable career advancements and our shareholders' superior returns.

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